CSR strategy

The Mytrah Group’s CSR strategy aims at ensuring that the resources allocated for taking up various CSR activities year on year are diligently and meaningfully utilised. This not only helps us in achieving planned outputs, outcomes and impact but also builds on national and international best practices and guidance provided by the governing laws of the land. It also signals an intention to move more actively into fundamental areas of our defined CSR Policy and strategic action initiatives.

Through our extremely robust focus on the work we do, we overcome the different development challenges of a particular country. For instance, we optimally utilise limited resources in a select few areas with an output- based approach through measurable indicators and impact assessment. Additionally, we believe in backing our commitment to CSR by continuously building our own knowledge base and capacity to achieve excellence in execution.

Our CSR Committee ensures that the major portion of our annual CSR expenditure is dedicated for projects in line with our outlined CSR objectives. However, preferential budgetary allocation is not made for any particular project. Instead, the allocation is determined purely on a need basis in keeping with the identified projects. We believe in doing the right thing always, and so, any surplus arising out of these projects does not form a part of the company’s business profit.

Areas of Operation

At the Mytrah Group, we implement the projects, programmes and activities referred to in Schedule VII of Companies Act 2013 as well as the charitable activities defined under the Income Tax Act 1961 in local areas wherever we operate. Consequently, we also serve local communities and society at large, wherever and whenever required or desirable, in any part of a country.

Stakeholders and Beneficiaries

All the benefits from our CSR projects, programmes and activities reach the end beneficiaries, our primary stakeholders, who are the general public. These benefits are targeted towards them without any bias towards religion, caste, region, sex, language and / or disability.

CSR Delivery Structure

At the Mytrah Group, we have set up the Mytrah Foundation, a registered charitable trust, to facilitate the implementation of our CSR activities in accordance with our stated CSR Policy. As mentioned, we also implement CSR projects and programmes:

  • Through Trusts, Societies, or Section 8 companies operating in India, which are not set up by the company itself. Following First Provision to Rule 4 (2) of the Company (Corporate Social Responsibility) Rules, 2014, Mytrah ensures that such organisations have an established track record of at least three years in carrying out activities in related areas
  • By pooling resources or collaborating with other companies, but reporting separately on such projects in accordance with Rules 4 (3) of the Corporate Social Responsibility Rules 2014. We also partner, collaborate or pool resources with state and central governments to achieve the CSR objectives laid down in our policy
  • Across all our operating entities – This includes the implementation of all the projects and programmes recommended by the CSR Committee and approved by the Board of Directors through Annual Plans or otherwise