Why Mytrah

I am confident that we will take up more initiatives for the benefit of our communities and society at large in the years to come.

Vikram Kailas

Life @ Mytrah

If you are looking for an exciting work environment that puts employees first, is filled with a bunch of intelligent, self-driven and passionate individuals working towards the same goal, this is the place for you. Come and join us. Let's work together to do the things that others think are impossible.

Kiran Nair

We enjoy a unique culture that inspires us to deliver innovative & creative work. We experiment and keep things fun. The company is best known for keeping strong values that reinforces mutual support, trust, and motivation among all its employees. In a single line – Mytrah’s culture is a self-reinforcing, which actually motivates me to come for work every day.

Sheetal Sinha

Besides getting ample opportunities to learn, the company helped me grow professionally and let me stand where I am today. The company offers best-in-class workplace through a powerful combination of training and on-the-job learning experiences. I have spent five incredible years of my life, at Mytrah. And it definitely was worth it!

Antra Raina